Covid Cleaning Services

The unexpected outbreak of Coronavirus has changed a lot in a very short span. Cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining a germs free environment is everyone’s main motive now. In this chaos, COVID 19 disinfection for businesses and homes have become a prime responsibility of every business and house owner. CleanQuip Systems Inc. has come to the forefront to combat coronavirus by providing services of Cleaning for COVID 19 in Canada.

We are the COVID 19 cleanup company who are professional and perfect in their field of work. We provide the ultimate solution to all your cleaning and disinfecting problems. Our area of expertise includes both small and large scale businesses, homes, recreational centers, restaurants, and much more. Our specialty is that we design our cleaning process as per the requirement of the premises. With the unbeaten combo of our modern expertise and extraordinary experience in the cleaning field, we can guarantee a germs free environment for your clients, customers, or even your beloved family members at home.

Major Covid Cleaning Services That We Provide

We provide Canadian COVID 19 decontamination services at extremely reasonable rates. In these unprecedented times, we work to make sure that the rate of infection is controlled through a thorough cleaning and sanitization of the buildings and the houses. Some of the major Canadian COVID 19 decontamination services that we offer are as follows:

  • Ozone disinfection: We offer the service of advanced ozone technology to kill harmful bacteria and germs. The ozone gas is effective to disinfect the enclosed areas such as attics, trailers, locker rooms, and spas. As coronavirus can peacefully survive on surfaces and nonliving things it is needed to sanitize everything thoroughly. Our Ozone technology works by puncturing the cell walls of bacteria, killing them as soon as they come in contact with them. This technology does not affect the quality of the materials instead it makes them even safer and 99.9% germs-free.
  • Odor Remediation: Odors are extremely normal phenomena that are everywhere but the foul and bad odors have to be treated immediately before they become unbearable and start making the surroundings uncomfortable. We have advanced equipment and specialized products to deal with all sorts of foul odors. Whether it’s pet odor or odors are caused by smoke damage we have all the expertise to deal with all of them. Hunting gears, wrestling mats, and sports equipment can become a source of foul smells if not cleaned and dealt properly. We guarantee 100% odor removal without any damage to the equipment as we deal with the issues according to their sources and needs.
  • Deep Cleaning Service: Since the coronavirus does not seem to go anywhere any time soon it is better to get our deep cleaning services once before resuming your business activities and even your homes. Our deep cleaning service includes extensive cleaning, disinfecting, and decontamination of every nook and corner of your premises. We give special attention to the most used areas like doorknobs, doors, switches, counters, furniture, doors, and meeting areas. We wash vacuum and mop all the floors with disinfectant products. We have special training in sanitizing and cleaning residential areas, homes, schools, commercial buildings, and office spaces.
  • Emergency Cleaning: Disinfect for COVID 19 in Canada on an emergency basis with our emergency cleaning service in case of a coronavirus outbreak in your area or office. We are always ready to deal with any unforeseen circumstances and will report instantly to make your staff and loved ones feel safe and assured. We will deep cleanse and disinfect the area professionally to stop the further spread of the virus.

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Covid Cleaning Services

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