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The spread of the resistant and very persistent covid-19 disease has drastically increased the need for proper sanitization and cleanliness. Sanitization has always been important to live in a safe environment and with proper hygiene but now with the spread of the coronavirus, it is vital! Germs can stay alive on different objects and surfaces for a long time and contact with these surfaces transfers the germs to the human body, hence one of the best and most efficient ways to prevent the disease is by sanitizing surfaces that are frequently touched. One most efficient and cheap way to sanitize all germ prone surfaces for COVID 19 cleaning is by fogging sanitization.

What Is Fogging Sanitization?

Fogging sanitization is a technique of cleaning and disinfection of any production/environmental space. It is done by filling the space with fog/mist containing chemical disinfectants that lead to its Disinfection and sterilization.

Guide To Disinfectant Fogging:

The process of fogging sanitization is very easy and much less expensive than sanitizing every surface by spreading the disinfectants in liquid form by hand as fogging requires less chemical disinfectant and the labor costs are also reduced. The process is also very fast compared to the traditional method and yields rapid results, disinfecting the space by only the use of a fast-spreading fog. On average, effective fogging of space takes around 15-20 mins for the spread and an additional 45-60 minutes for the disinfectant to settle. The time however varies based on the room size and the method used. Fogging also enables easy sanitization of hard to reach surfaces and perhaps the biggest advantage is that it disinfects every molecule in the space where it is applied, resulting in the killing of airborne germs as well, a feat that is not possible by sanitization with hand process.

Fogging can be done by using two methods. One is by the use of a mobile fogging unit, which is a portable machine that efficiently spreads the fogging mist saturated with the disinfectant chemicals all over the room. The other less commonly used and a bit costlier method is by the use of in-built fogging spaces in the room that spreads the fogging mist in the room through spaces or nozzles connected to the fogging mechanism. Using a hand-held fogging wand is another way for fogging sanitization but it is not recommended to be used for facilities as the only method of sanitization and is usually used in addition to the previous two methods due to its less coverage.

The Truth About Fogging And Whether You Should Get It For Your Facility:

Undoubtedly, fogging is a highly effective and cheaper way to disinfect and sterilize facilities, while saving time and labor expenses. If you are a production facility that cares to prevent the spread of germs and keep your quality standards maintained especially in the time of this pandemic, then fogging is a technique that you should go for. One top of the line fogging sanitization service that you can contact is the CleanQuip Systems Inc.

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Fogging sanitization

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