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While it is necessary to ensure sport venue cleanups before and after any sporting event, few worry about what happens to the billions of toxins released. With the sweat and humidity of breathing – sometimes spilling out – of athletes in full effort, we obtain a magnificent bath of microbes, coming from dozens of different people. Today, more than ever, with the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene standards are getting tougher. However, we'll share with you in this post how to ensure proper cleaning for Covid-19 in Canadian sports venues.

How Sports Venues Should Cleanup After Covid Cases

Floor coverings are the first items to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the hygiene of your gym. The cleaning products must be selected according to the materials they are made from and according to the stains' types to be removed, most especially sweat and other body fluids.  

On the other hand, the materials must be chosen according to the surface to be cleaned and the techniques used to eliminate dirt and other infectious bacteria (cleaning with disinfectant, conventional sweeping, etc.). Depending on your facility's needs, you can opt for a bibac with a flat broom, a scissor broom, a scrubber, or a single-brush.

After dealing with the floors, focus on the equipment dedicated to fitness, cardio, and weight training. Disinfectants suitable for sports equipment and regular inspections are necessary to eliminate germs and ensure their proper functioning. Quarterly or bimonthly, you must uninstall the gym wire from your devices to remove dirt and dust.

Like coverings and other handling materials, bins should also be given special attention. They must be emptied daily to avoid the accumulation of waste and bacteria, and foul smell that can put off your customers.

However, you need not go through the stress of doing all these yourself when you can easily seek a company specializing in sports venue cleaning. CleanQuip Systems is your best bet for services related to disinfecting for Covid-19 in Canada. We are a Covid-19 cleanup company with a track record of professionalism and expertise.

Why you should choose us

At CleanQuip Systems, we handle your sports halls' cleanliness, from the refurbishment, halls opening, or after work, to the daily maintenance of every area of your establishment.

We put all our expertise at the service of an optimal quality of work.

Our teams are recruited and scrupulously trained in our working methods, regardless of their previous experience in the field. Each staff takes a test before taking up his post.

We make it an honor to provide you satisfactory answers and even proof about our work quality. We carry out quality control check by noting;

  • Cobwebs in the different areas and cleaning them off,
  • The condition of the ventilation grilles,
  • Condition of the top and bottom of the shower drain grids,
  • Shower enclosure walls,
  • Condition of wall tiles and joints,
  • Faucets,
  • Top of lockers,
  • Condition of indoor/outdoor bins,
  • And many other checkpoints.

Our services include the development of specifications, development of a schedule adapted to the needs of the establishment, daily maintenance, the supply of suitable equipment and products, Covid-19 disinfection for businesses, to mention a few.

If you need one of the leading companies with the right expertise in Canadian COVID 19 decontamination services, contact CleanQuip Systems Inc. for the best COVID 19 cleaning services in Canada: 1-844-525-3262.

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