An Alternative To Air Filters

Recently more people are having an increase of concern in the air quality in their homes and businesses and many of us are using air purifiers. Air purifiers are being used to help with dust particles, pet dander, air contaminants and by people with sensitivities to chemicals. They are used for particles that can’t be seen. There are concerns with the efficient of filters. There are many kinds and brands that can make claims regarding different standards for inspection. Did you know that filters become less efficient within a couple of weeks of use and that reusable filters can attract mold if they are reinstalled before they are dried completely. Dust particles are then inhaled when reusable filters are being cleaned.

A better alternative to the air purifiers, is Ozonation. Clean quip uses technology that forces Ozone to come into contact with harmful bacteria. Ozone is effective at eliminating bacteria on hard and soft surfaces. When ozone cannot be used we can still effectively disinfect rooms by fogging with Sanitrol.-MB. Our fogging system is effective and can be used as a disinfectant, sanitizer, fungicide, virucide and deodorizer. Our fogging system is highly effective in the elimination of Covid-19. It is ideal for use in schools, businesses, and any shared living spaces.

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