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Beating the January Blues

Now with the holidays past us, most of us have taken the Christmas tree and decorations down. Now that we are moving into our second lock down and for many our days are spent helping with online schooling. Driving to and from work in the dark can make us feel blah all on it’s own. We are looking for ways to beat the January blues or the January Blahs.

1- Go outside. Even going for a walk can improve mood.

2- Avoid unrealistic New Year resolutions.

3- Exercise. Endorphins will lift your mood.

4- Listen to music. Listening to upbeat music can improve your mood short and long term.

5- Cross something off your “To Do” list.

6- Plan something to look forward. This could as simple as preparing a favourite meal or making plans with friends and family virtually or once lock down has been lifted.

7- Improve eating habits will improve how you are overall feeling.

8- Stay connected to family and friends. Try group zoom calls.

9- Make sleep a priority.

10- Practice self- care, take a bath, make homemade face masks or anything that helps you recharge.

Whether you can do one thing on the list or several, it will help recharge and kick the January blahs.

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