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Winterize Your Home

As the colder weather is approaching it is the time to winterize your home. Here’s a checklist to help with the maintenance of your home.  

  • Check your home’s heating and air conditioning system.  Take the time to change your filters. Give your furnace a test run so you know it will work properly when you need it.
  • Paint, caulk and seal exterior wood. All wood trim on the exterior of your home should be protected from the elements.
  • Clean your gutters. Remove all leaves and debris. When gutters back up, they overflow and the water runs down your home which will speed up deterioration of the exterior of your home. Installing a leaf guard to keep falling leaves out of cleaned gutters is a great idea.
  • Fireplaces should be inspected and cleaned to insure that your fireplace is safe to use. Purchase a new carbon monoxide detector as they do expire, most last 5 to 7 years. Check smoke detectors and replace batteries.
  • Perform a roof inspection and repair any loose shingles.
  • Examine doors and windows for gaps where warm air can escape. Caulk or apply weather stripping to the draft areas.
  • Drain outside faucets to avoid any basement flooding or damage to the water line. Shut off the water valve to the outside faucet then open the exterior valve and let the water drain out of the line.
  • Put outdoor furniture in storage and cover your grill or move to covered area.
  • Prepare for snow removal. Dig out shovels and snow blower. Purchase any salt if needed. Be prepared buy a snow shovel now so you’ll have it before winter weather hits. Purchase gasoline for snow blower if needed
  • Adjust temperature on your hot water tank.

With the early snow fall and chilly temperatures arriving, winter will be soon upon us.  Hello Winter!

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