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Five Tips from Top Canadian Franchises

The CFA (Canadian Franchise Association) honour top performing franchise systems annually as evaluated by an independent franchisee satisfaction survey. There is much to learn from these successful companies and how they work in partnership with their franchise units.

  1. All for one, one for all: The team approach with every member focused on the success of the business, no matter what side of the table you sit.


  1. Treat franchisees like customers: Be responsive and respectful of inquiries from franchisees and use all channels at your disposal: phone, email, face to face, intranet. 


  1. Be an expert: Ensure you know your franchisee’s business inside and out. Put yourself in their shoes and allow them to teach you too. 


  1. Ask for franchisee input: They are the face of your brand and learn things head office may never consider. Establish an advisory board, ask for feedback through satisfaction surveys and develop dedicated communication channels, the business will be better for it. 


  1. Support: In addition to formal support mechanisms and tools, establish peer support, interactive message boards, and training seminars and organize social events.


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